Jonathan P. Stewart is a Professor and Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at UCLA. His primary research interests are in geotechnical earthquake engineering, with emphases on seismic soil-structure interaction, earthquake ground motion characterization, seismic performance of unsaturated soils, and ground failure in sands and marginal plasticity soils. His research has involved: interpretation of earthquake strong motion data to gain insight into soil-structure interaction effects and site effects; cyclic field testing of full-scale foundation components; advanced dynamic testing of soils in the laboratory; and detailed case studies of seismic ground failure at sites in California, Taiwan, Turkey, Japan, and India. His results are widely utilized in engineering practice, including the NEHRP Provisions for the Seismic Design of New Buildings ,and guidelines published by the California Geological Survey for application to school and hospital facilities. He is Chief Editor of the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering and serves on the Editorial Board of Earthquake Spectra. Dr Stewart also serves as a consultant on geotechnical and earthquake engineering problems to engineering firms and government organizations throughout the US. Further information can be found here


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