Steve Winterstein is a consulting engineer and teacher in topics of structural engineering and reliability. His areas of specialization include probability and statistical modelling, random vibrations, and wind/wave loads and responses. He has taught these topics at Stanford University (1985-2002), and more recently as a visiting lecturer at ETH Zurich and the Danish Technical University. While at Stanford, he was a principal investigator of the Reliability of Marine Structures program, which combined post-M.S. graduate study with basic research in structural reliability. His areas of applications range from the modelling of joint ocean environmental processes (wind-wave-current), through the modelling and analysis of the resulting hydrodynamic loads and structural responses, to the development of probability-based design codes. His methods in common industry use include the Hermite model of nonlinear vibration and the Environmental Contour model of wind-wave site characterization. His degrees include a B.Sc. in Mathematics, and both M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, all from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Selected papers are arranged below by topic. A more complete list of publications is available here.

Environmental Contours

  • Haver, Sverre and Winterstein, Steven R., "Environmental Contour Lines: A Method for Estimating Long Term Extremes by a Short Term Analysis," Transactions, Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, Vol. 116, 2009, pp. 116-127
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Floating Offshore Structures and Ships

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Nonlinear and Moment-Based Load Models

  • Winterstein, Steven R. and MacKenzie, Cameron A., "Extremes of Nonlinear Vibration: Models Based on Moments, L-Moments, and Maximum Entropy," Proceedings, OMAE 2011, Paper OMAE2011-49867
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Ocean Wave and Current Modelling

  • Winterstein, Steven R., Haver, Sverre, and Nygaard, Einar, "Turkstra Models of Current Profiles," Proceedings, OMAE 2009, Paper OMAE2009-79691
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Wind Energy

  • Fitzwater, LeRoy M. and Winterstein, Steven R., "Predicting Design Wind Turbine Loads from Limited Data: Comparing Random Process and Random Peak Models," Proceedings, 20th ASME Wind Energy Symposium, 2001 AIAA Aerospace Science Meeting, Paper No. AIAA-2001-0046.  
  • Manuel, Lance, Veers, Paul S. and Winterstein, Steven R., "Parametric Models for Estimating Wind Turbine Fatigue Loads for Design," Proceedings, 20th ASME Wind Energy Symposium, 2001 AIAA Aerospace Science Meeting, Paper No. AIAA-2001-0047.
  • Kashef, Tina and Winterstein, Steven R., "Relating Turbulence to Wind Turbine Blade Loads: Parametric Study with Multiple Regression Analysis," ASME Wind Energy Symposium, 36th ASME/AIAA Annual Meeting, 1998. Also appeared in Journal of Solar Engineering, ASME, Vol. 121, August 1999, pp. 156--161.

Earthquake Engineering

  • Thrainsson, Hjortur, Winterstein, Steven R., and Kiremidjian, Anne S., "Markov DFT Models of Non-Stationary Ground Motion," Proceedings, 8th Annual ASCE Conference on Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural Reliability, 2000 (Paper No. PMC2000-341).  
  • Cornell, C. Allin, Wu, S-C, Winterstein, Steven R. Dieterich, J.H., and Simpson, R.W., "Seismic Hazard Induced by Mechanically Interactive Fault Segments," Bulletin of the Seismological Society, Vol. 83(2), 1993, pp. 436-449.
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