Dr. Carlo G. Lai is Associate Professor of Geotechnical Engineering and Seismic Geotechnique at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of the University of Pavia and Head of Geotechnical Engineering and Engineering Seismology Section at the European Centre for Training and Research in Earthquake Engineering (EUCENTRE) in Pavia, Italy. He is also Lecturer of Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering at the ROSE School – IUSS in Pavia.
Dr. Lai holds a Laurea in Civil Engineering from Politecnico di Torino (Italy), a MSc in Civil Engineering, a MSc in Engineering Science and Mechanics and a PhD in Civil Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA).
Relevant professional activities include a period of three years where he worked as project leader for the Institute for University Cooperation in a co-operation program in Ethiopia on behalf of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and six years as a scientific consultant at Studio Geotecnico Italiano (Milan).
Dr. Lai is author/co-author of more than 100 refereed publications including two books and few computer applications. His research interests are in engineering seismology and geotechnical earthquake engineering with particular emphasis on stochastic ground response analyses, probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and microzonation, propagation of Rayleigh waves in dissipative media aimed at determining deformability moduli and damping ratio in soil deposits, solution of dynamic soil-structure interaction problems relevant to earthquake engineering, definition of seismic input at construction sites.
He has been the coordinator of several research projects on various subjects of engineering seismology and earthquake geotechnical engineering. Currently he coordinates projects on the mitigation of seismic risk in maritime ports structures and earth dams, on the seismic hazard in the Eastern Caribbean region, on landslide stabilization with large-diameter shafts through physical modeling in seismic centrifuge and on the definition of seismic input at archaeological sites in Southern India.
Dr. Lai is active and/or affiliated member in a variety of scientific and professional institutions. In 2003 he was awarded with the Bishop Research Medal from the British Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) for the best research contribution in Geotechnical Engineering published by ICE in 2002.


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