Paolo Franchin is assistant professor at the Sapienza University of Rome in the Department of Structural Engineering & Geotechnics since 2006. He graduated with honors in Civil Engineering from Sapienza in 1997, received a MSc in Structural Engineering from University of Califronia, Berkeley in 1999, and a doctoral degree from Sapienza in 2001, where he also spent as a post-doc research fellow the years from 2001 to 2006.

Dr. Franchin’s research is in the fields of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Reliability. He has authored/co-authored more than 50 publications, including a textbook, and he serve/served as a reviewer for several international journals: Earthquake Engng & Struct. Dyn., ASCE Jnl Struct. Engng, Jnl Earthquake Engng, Mid-America Earthquake (MAE) Center reports, Intnl Jnl Reliability & Safety, Bull. Earthquake Engng, Engineering Structures and Soil Dyn. & Earthquake Engng. He took part in several research projects: funded by the European Union (SAFERR (FP5), SPEAR (FP5), LESSLOSS (FP6) and SYNER-G(FP7)), by the Italian Ministry for Higher Education and Research (PRIN2002, PRIN2004, PRIN2007), by the Italian National Research Council (VIA, MIUR-CNR) and by the Italian Department of Civil Protection (Progetto Esecutivo DPC-Reluis 2005-2008, Progetto Esecutivo DPC-Eucentre 2009-2012).

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