Giovanni Solari is Professor of Structural Engineering at Genoa University. He developed his ac-tivity in structural dynamics, wind and earthquake engineering, reliability. He is president of the International Association for Wind Engineering, and formerly president of the Italian Association for Wind Engineering, co-editor of Wind & Structures, an International Journal, co-director of the Wind Engineering Master organised by Genoa University and Milan Politechnic, member of the ASCE Probabilistic Methods Committee and of the Scientific Committee for the Messina Straits Bridge, editorial board member of international journals, editor of books, guest editor of Special Issues of Journals, author of over 200 papers, many of which in international journals. He has been involved in many committees for standards and carried out the dynamic analysis of sev-eral structures among which the Tower of Pisa and the Brancusi Endless Column, UNESCO World Monument of Humanity. Further information can be found here.


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