Displacement-based seismic analysis for out-of-plane bending of unreinforced masonry walls

Student: Giammichele Melis
Supervisors: Dr. G. Magenes, Dr. M.C. Griffith



The importance of assessing the seismic resistance of existing masonry structures has drawn strong and growing interest in the recent years. While conservative rules may be acceptable for the design of new masonry structures implying only a minor and negligible economic penalty, on the other hand in the case of existing buildings the same degree of conservatism may hold the balance between the necessity of strengthening or not the
structure under investigation, with hence a huge difference in the economic balance.

This study has investigated on the applicability of a displacement-based procedure to predict the response of unreinforced masonry walls when dynamically loaded, taking into account their reserve capacity due to rocking.

It has been found that the procedure proposed is reasonably accurate and at the same time fairly conservative, with a more acceptable degree of conservatism with respect to traditional methods of assessing seismic performance of unreinforced masonry walls based on elastic stress calculations which lead to excessively conservative results.

You may download a digital version of this MSc dissertation here.