Seismic analysis of the structure of an underground railway station including SSI

Student: Federico Fele
Supervisor: Prof. E. Faccioli


This work aims to investigate the main issues of the seismic design process of the structure of an underground railway station in Florence. It consists of three main parts: definition of seismic context, evaluation of ground response, assessment of structure behaviour.

It is interesting to point out that underground structures have peculiar features (enclosure on/in soil and dimensions) which make their seismic design quite different from the design of "surface structures". Most notably, the seismic response is governed by the ground displacements.

The historical approach of design assumes that the soil-structure interaction is negligible or the kinematic interaction between soil and structure is taken into account in a simplified way.

In this work, the direct interaction method is used to take into account the SSI by means of nonlinear 2-D analyses. The results are compared with those obtained from simplified approaches.

You may download a digital version of this MSc dissertation here.