Short Courses

In addition to its Master and Doctorate courses, the ROSE Programme features also the possibility for engineers and/or researchers to attend isolated short courses, which are held twice or three times a year, featuring a concise focus on relatively specific structural/seismic engineering topics (ranging from basic to advanced issues).

These short courses also serve the purpose of complementing the graduate education of all ROSE students, but are of more benefit to PhD students that Masters students for what concerns the credit system. Indeed, for every one-week short course attended by ROSE PhD students, an extra 2 credits are added to their crediting system, which effectively means that PhD students who manage to attend three short courses fulfil the requirements equivalent to a regular one-month course. The cost of these short courses is Euro 500 for external participants and Euro 300 for external graduate students

Information on past and upcoming short courses can be found below.

Application Procedure