The 13th International ROSE Seminar

Pavia, 16 - 17 May 2013

Please download the announcement flyer for information regarding registration fees, number of participants, contact details, and much more. The conference programme, however, can also be found below.

Day 1
Thursday, 16th May
13.00 – 14.30 Welcome lunch and registration

14.30 – 16.15

Session 1 - Chairman: P. Ceresa

A study on direct displacement-based design of steel moment resisting frames with setbacks
C. Nievas3, T. Sullivan

A new perspective on the performance of soft-storey buildings
H. Agha Beigi1, T. Sullivan, C. Christopoulos, G.M. Calvi

Seismic design of coupled walls
M. Fox1, T. Sullivan, K. Beyer

Design procedure and numerical simulation of progressive collapse in RC planar multi resisting frames
M. Rampa3, R. Nascimbene

16.15 – 16.15 Coffee break

16.45 – 18.00

Session 2 - Chairman: R. Monteiro

Development of a methodology to derive fragility functions of retrofitted RC structures: Application to Istanbul
J. White3, H. Crowley, V. Silva

Seismic vulnerability of Italian RC precast industrial structures
C. Casotto1, V. Silva, R. Nascimbene, H. Crowley, D. Bolognini, R. Pinho

Bridge performance: New understanding following the February 22, 2011 Christchurch Earthquake
G.M. Bocchini3, S. Giovinazzi, H. Crowley

19.30 – 23:30 ROSE Seminar Dinner
Day 2
Friday, 17th May

09.00 – 11.00

Session 3 - Chairman: R. Stein

Definition of code-based elastic response spectra to account for near-fault effects
A. Cuevas3, E. Zuccolo, C.G. Lai

Improvements to ultrasonic data analysis for full field damage evolution mapping in soft rocks
S. Turkaya3, E. Tudisco, P. Roux, S. Hall

High frequency directivity effects: Evidence from Les Saintes records analysis
Y. Chen3, J. Letort, F. Cotton, S. Drouet

Modelling of Coulomb stress change induced by the 2010 Maule earthquake, central Chile
E. Batsi3, A. Socquet

11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break

11.30 – 13.15

Session 4 - Chairman: A. Pavese

Spaceborne radar remote sensing for extensive assessment of earthquake damage to buildings
M. Harb1, F. Dell’Acqua, H. Crowley

Seismic Performance Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Frames Infilled with Autoclave Aerated Concrete Masonry
U.A. Siddiqui3, H. Sucuoglu, A. Yakut

Application of post-tensioning techniques for seismic strengthening of stone block monuments
M. Palmieri1, A. Penna, G. Magenes

Use of equivalent SDOF systems for the evaluation of displacement demand for unreinforced masonry buildings
F. Graziotti1, G. Magenes, A. Penna

13.15 – 14.30 Lunch break

14.30 – 16.30

Session 5 - Chairman: G.M. Calvi

Keynote lecture – Seismic Design of Nonstructural Building Elements: Why, How and Who?
André Filiatrault

Overview of 2012-2013 PaRC Activities

REM/ROSE/MEEES Graduation Ceremony

1PhD Student, 2PhD Alumnus, 3MSc Student