Short Course on The Influence of Modern Architectural Configurations on the Seismic Performance of Buildings

Pavia, October 11th to November 3rd, 2011

Course Description

The main objective of the course is to help structural engineers, architects, urban planners and other professionals related to modern buildings design, to understand physically versus analytically, the effects that earthquakes can produce on modern buildings with irregular configurations in particular and in the contemporary cities in general.
Students will learn about urban zoning regulations and the consequences of the professional responsibility separation in seismic zones where architects and urban planners make decisions that disregard seismic regulations. This course will promote a change of attitude of these professionals regarding multi- and interdisciplinary work.

Course Instructor

The course will be taught by Dr. Teresa Guevara-Perez of the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas, Venezuela. Dr. Guevara holds a PhD in Architecture form the University of California, Berkeley where she worked with Professor Vitelmo Bertero on seismic-resistant buildings.
She has worked as a researcher in the field of public housing and as an independent consultant on the architecture of seismic-resistant structures, the vulnerability of hospitals, urban configurations in seismic zones, and earthquake disaster limitation.
She has authored two books and many papers and articles on the topic.

The syllabus of the course can be found here.