Short course on Theory and Experimentation of Steel Structures

Pavia, 9-13 March 2009

The objectives of this short course are to provide graduate students, both at MS and PhD levels, with the tools that are needed to perform high-level research on steel and steel-concrete composite structures, and to provide practicing engineers with sufficient information to enable them to apply modern experimental techniques in the field, in the effort to obtain safer and more economical steel structures.

The organization of the course aims at providing the participants with a thorough, specification-independent theoretical background on the behaviour of steel structures, integrated with practical applications of the theory to the experimental testing and response measurement of steel structures. The attempt to integrate the theory into the practical issues of laboratory and field measurements is rather novel in graduate level education, and will give the participants an advantage when it will come to research or field investigations.

In the mornings, the contents of the course will cover the theory on the behaviour of individual members subject to various predominant actions (e.g., tension members, flexural members, etc.), followed by the fundamental topics of connections and of system behaviour. The afternoons will be devoted to the practical aspects of steel experimentation, including basic metrology theory, strain gage theory, concept of open- and closed-loop systems, and working principles of the most common transducers. Practical examples of applications of these theoretical concepts on the experimentation of steel structures will be presented and discussed. The role of numerical analysis in experimentation will also be discussed, using practical examples and case studies.

The course is taught by Gian Andrea Rassati (University of Cincinnati, USA), who is a member of the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Connection Prequalification Review Panel, and is the Chairman of the American Society of Civil Engineers Structural Engineering Institute’s Technical Committee on Structural Connections. He is also a member of the Research Council on Structural Connections and of the ASCE/SEI Technical Committee on Composite Construction. Dr. Rassati has extensive experience in the analysis and experimentation of steel and steel-concrete composite structures.

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