Application Requirements

The minimum requirement in order to apply for the Master and PhD Earthquake Engineering and Enginerring Seimology programmes (ROSE) is a University Degree in Civil Engineering or related fields that will enable the applicant to access a PhD programme in the country where the degree was obtained. Past professional experience in Civil Engineering is also positively evaluated. Applicants mainly interested in the seismology part of the programme may possess a University Degree, or past professional experience, in civil/environmental engineering, geology, geophysics, physics, applied mathematics, or other similar fields.

Admission to the course depends on academic qualifications, past professional experience, reference letters and English proficiency all of which should be included in the online submission procedure described here.

During the online application procedure the applicant will also be asked to indicate the name and email address of three referees. The online system will automatically contact these referees in order to obtain the reference letters. The applicant may enter the system at any time before the submission of the application to check whether the reference letters have been submitted.

Through the online application procedure, applicants must provide electronic copies of the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae e studiorum
  • copy of the diploma certificate (in Italian or English)
  • transcript of the attended courses and professional qualifications (in Italian or English)
  • copy of the passport or the identity card
  • English language test certificate (or waiver referring to previous courses, work experience in English speaking countries, etc...)      

Note that the degree certificate should explicitly indicate followed modules and grades obtained and, if the documents are not written in English, a translation of their contents is requested.

With regards to English proficiency, applicants are asked to submit any documents that attest that they possess an adequate command of the English language. Indicatively, such documents may consist of:

  • a score of at least 88 (internet-based exam), 230 (computer-based exam), 570 (paper-based exam) in the TOEFL test
  • a score of 6 or more obtained with IELTS
  • a degree obtained in an English speaking environment
  • other test scores that may be regarded as equivalent to those listed above.

When required, the applicant, or indicated referees, may be contacted with a view to obtain further information. As a general rule, Master applicants will not be interviewed.

If an applicant is admitted to the programme, he/she will be asked to send original copies of the aforementioned documents to the IUSS Graduate Office by post.