Concrete frames designed with the colombian seismic code (NSR-98) from a displacement perspective

Student: Juan Carlos Restrepo
Supervisors: Prof. Nigel Priestley


The aim of this work is to provide evidence about the performance of concrete frames designed using Colombian seismic code NSR-98. In order to make this comparison a five storey-three bays frame was designed according to NSR-98 for Armenia city, which is a city located in a high seismicity area in Colombia. Once this design was completed THAs were performed using compatible spectrum earthquakes for the two most important seismic sources in the studied area, besides a DDBD assessment for the designed frame was performed using the same sources. As a result from DDBD assessment analysis a value of moment magnitude Mw is related for each limit state considered; these values were compared with hazard analysis results of the seismic sources finding big differences between them. THA results confirmed findings with DDBD with an almost elastic behavior of the structure when subjected to design earthquakes.

Discussion about NSR-98 seismic code is carried out based on the results of this work and some recommendations are given for the new version that is actually under revision.

You may download a digital version of this MSc dissertation here.