Verification of the Equations for Equivalent Viscous Damping for SDOF and MDOF Systems

Student: Paolo De Andreis
Supervisors: Dr Rui Pinho, Dr Helen Crowley

The direct displacement-based design (DBDD) method requires the definition of equivalent viscous damping to accurately predict the peak nonlinear response. Equivalent viscous damping is usually specified as the sum of a viscous and hysteretic component, where the former is assumed to be constant.

In this dissertation, analyses are carried out for single-degree-of-freedom and multiple-degree-of freedom systems in order to make a comparison of the displacements obtained from non-linear time history analysis and a Direct Displacement Based Design analysis.

The aim is to evaluate how accurate can these displacements be estimated for six different hysteretic rules; the verification for SDOF systems is carried out for equations developed by Blandon and Priestley [2005]; while, for MDOF is carried out using different equations not period depending. It's presented also a dissertation by Ana Acevedo (chapter 5, 6 and appendix from T to AL) in which both SDOF verification and MDOF one is done using equations developed by Blandon and Priestley [2005].

Appendixes are presented in a CD-Rom

You may download a digital version of this MSc dissertation here.