Modelling of FRP-Confinement of Rectangular RC Sections

Student: Konstantinos Megalooikonomou
Supervisors: Prof Giorgio Monti, Prof Thanasis Triantafillou


The behaviour of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) - confined concrete in circular columns has been extensively studied, but much less is known about concrete in FRP- confined rectangular columns in which the concrete is non-uniformly confined and the effectiveness of confinement is much reduced. In this thesis a mechanistic based and design oriented stress strain model for FRP-confined rectangular columns is presented. To this end, FRP are introduced as innovative materials for retrofitting of existing structures, the confinement effect on concrete is extensively described along with a literature review of existing models of confinement of RC sections. Finally, the model is presented with all the necessary analysis results for a more clear comprehension of the proposed iteration procedure.

You may download a digital version of this MSc dissertation here.