The 9th International ROSE School Seminar

Pavia, 21 - 22 May 2009

Please download the announcement flyer for info on issues such as registration fees, number of participants, contact details, and so on. The conference programme, however, can also be found below.

CHAIRMAN: G. Magenes

Definition of seismic input at the Sanctuary with the world’s largest elliptical dome at Vicoforte, Italy
H. Sanchez*, C.G. Lai, M. Corigliano, L. Scandella

Definition of a methodology to perform 2D stochastic site response analysis using geostatistics
A. Alonso*, C.G. Lai

Displacement-Based Seismic Risk Assessment of Adobe Dwellings
N. Tarque*, H. Crowley, H. Varum, R. Pinho

Development of a seismic loss model for Mansehra city, Pakistan: Application to unreinforced masonry building stock
N. Ahmad*, H. Crowley, R. Pinho, Qaisar Ali


Response statistics of uncertain dynamical systems subjected to earthquake loading using sparse grid collocation methods
J. Crempien***, F. Auricchio, C. Lai, F. Nobile

Extended Finite Element Method(XFEM) for Modeling Arbitrary Discontinuities
A. Ahmed***, F. Auricchio

Numerical Issues in Distributed Inelasticity Modelling of RC Frame Elements for Seismic Analysis
A. Calabrese*, J. Pacheco de Almeida*, R. Pinho

CHAIRMAN: T. Sullivan

Issues on seismic analyses of reinforced concrete frames with fibre and concentrated-plasticity programs
F. Biserna***, M. Savoia, B. Ferracuti, R. Pinho

NEARB-OPCM3274: Shake table test of a R.C. building designed for gravity loads only, seismic response and frame-panel interaction
I. Lanese***, A. Pavese, F.J. Crisafulli

Behaviour of Deep Reinforced Concrete Beams Under Monotonic and Reversed Cyclic Load
B. Mihaylov**, E.C. Bentz, M.P. Collins

CHAIRMAN: M.J.N. Priestley

Seismic Design Strategies for Structures with Complex Geometry
A. Lago*, T. Sullivan, G.M. Calvi

Numerical simulation of the behaviour of the gusset plate connection in a concentrically braced frame under the cyclic loading
K.K. Wijesundara*, D. Bolognini, R. Nascimbene, G.M. Calvi

Development of an innovative DBD procedure for steel dual systems possessing buckling-restrained-braces and moment resisting frames
T. Maley*, T. Sullivan, G. della Corte

Keynote lecture
Early age of earthquake engineering and engineering education
S. Otani

Graduation Ceremony
Programme of future activities
Closing speeches

*PhD Student,
**PhD Alumnus,
***MSc Student