UME School Accommodation Facilities

CAR College

An outstanding development to the educational facilities has been possible through the opening of the Collegio Internazionale per la Protezione Civile - Cardinale Agostino Riboldi (CAR College), located in the historical centre of Pavia.

The CAR College has two sections: the “St. Giacomo and Filippo Section” and the “Nascimbene Section”. Both sections and the outbuilding Church of Saints Giacomo and Filippo went through extraordinary renovation works. The St. Giacomo and Filippo Section, hosting students and professors since September 2007, features 32 rooms and small apartments, in addition to facilities such as: computer room, library, meeting room, and gymnasium. The Nascimbene Section, opened in February 2012, comprises 25 additional rooms and small apartments. The Church, following its renovation, is now an auditorium with 130 seats.

The top class “Osteria del Collegio” (An “osteria” is a tavern restaurant providing local cuisine) is located at the ground floor of the St. Giacomo and Filippo Section. At the “Osteria del Collegio”, UME School students can enjoy meals at a reduced price.