Derivation of vulnerability curves for FRP retrofitted frames

Student: Simone Peloso
Supervisor: Prof. A.S. Elnashai


In the framework of vulnerability assessment of a built environment, all the components have to be evaluated, with no exception for the retrofitted structures. This study focuses on the fragility assessment of FRP retrofitted RC frames. This characterization is done through analytically derived fragility curves: a synthetic way to express the probability of exceeding given LS for different level of seismic excitation. The required non-linear dynamic analyses have been performed using a newly developed FRP model implemented in ZEUS-NL, the finite element analysis environment by Mid America Earthquake Center. The considered seismic input involves 30 records subdivided into three scenario, each one used to derived vulnerability for a different LS, ranging from unserviceability to incipient collapse. Through comparison between the vulnerability of the considered RC frame, before and after the FRP retrofit intervention, the effectiveness of the FRP is highlighted, particularly with respect to the LS involving the most serious structural damages.

Keywords: vulnerability curves, FRP retrofit, 2D frames, FRP material model

You may download a copy of this Individual Study here.