Development of finite element tools for assisted seismic design

Student: Alessandro Reali
Supervisor: Prof. F. Auricchio, Dr A. Pavese


The latest developments in the building codes make necessary the implementation of tools able to help engineers in all the phases of structural seismic design. In this framework, it is rapidly arising the interest for building software packages for R.C. structural aided design that can guide engineers to design a structure starting from the geometric modeling and arriving to the (automatic) generation of the design tables in accordance with the prescriptions of the recent codes (as Eurocode and the Italian Seismic Code). This work focuses on a finite element code that can be used as "structural engine" for such seismic aided design packages. Starting from the research oriented general purpose finite element code FEAPpv, a tool for frame analysis is developed, including features very important for a correct design of R.C. frames, as for example the modal combination with response spectrum and the possibility of including rigid slabs.

Keywords: finite element method, frame analysis, structural aided design, modal combination, response spectrum.

You may download a digital version of this Individual Study here.