Short Course on Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction and the Computer Program SASSI2000

Pavia, 24-27 April 2006

The course begins with the theoretical background including the frequency domain analysis, site response analysis, and the transmitting boundaries. Next the analytical models used internally in SASSI to solve for the SSI problems are discussed. The steps for SASSI SSI analysis are discussed and general guide lines for a complete SSI analysis are presented.

The features of the new version of SASSI that will be published early in 2006 including modeling of the pile foundation are presented. Case studies demonstrating application of SASSI to various types of projects including nuclear, transportation, above and underground structures are demonstrated.

The course is coordinated by Dr. Farhang Ostadan and covers fundamentals of soil dynamics, structural dynamics and wave propagation. The registration fee is 600€ for practicing engineers and 400€ for external graduate students. Familiarity with the frequency domain analysis and the finite element analysis is required.

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