Downloads: Masters Dissertations & Individual Studies (2009)

Critical investigation about bond-slip in beam-column joint macro-model
Student: Sara Broglio
Supervisors: Dr. Rui Pinho, Prof. Haluk Sucuoglu
Critical assessment of seismic design procedures for steel MRF
Student: Antonio Villani
Supervisors: Dr José Miguel Castro
Assessment of kinematic effects on offshore piled foundations
Student: Trevon Joseph
Supervisors: Dr C.G. Lai, Dr M. Corigliano
Displacement-based Assessment of Chinese Steel Reinforced Composite Concrete Buildings
Student: Yang Si
Supervisors: Dr. Helen Crowley
Numerical investigations on the seismic response of masonry building aggregates
Student: Ilaria E. Senaldi
Supervisors: Prof. Guido Magenes, Dr Andrea Penna
Displacement based design of vertically irregular frame-wall structures
Student: Suhaib Salawdeh
Supervisors: Dr. Timothy Sullivan
Site response evaluation using h/v and standard spectral ratios from earthquake data in Bogota...
Student: Andrés Emilio Pinto Candia
Supervisors: Prof. Pierre-Yves Bard
Influence of the boundary conditions on the seismic response predictions of a rockfill dam by...
Student: Ivan M. Ordonez
Supervisors: Dr. Carlos Prato
Seismic Analysis of Existing Bridges with Detailing Deficiencies
Student: Davide Kurmann
Supervisors: Prof. Dr. A Dazio, IBK, ETH Zürich
Comparison and production of open source earthquake loss assessment packages
Student: James Edward Daniell
Supervisors: Dr Helen Crowley, Dr Rui Pinho
Response statistics of uncertain dynamical systems subjected to stochastic loading using sparse...
Student: Jorge Crempien De La Carrera
Supervisors: Prof. Ferdinando Auricchio, Prof. Carlo Lai, Prof. Fabio Nobile
Seismic response analysis of multi-span isolated bridges: a case study
Student: Dimitra Angelopoulou
Supervisors: Prof. Nicos Makris
Seismic design and analysis of precast segmental concrete bridge superstructure
Student: Myrto Anagnostopoulou
Supervisors: Dr A. Filiatrault, Dr A. Aref
Half Scale Three-Storey Infilled RC Building; A Comparison of Experimental and Numerical Models
Student: Hassan Ali
Supervisors: Dr. Roberto Nascimbene, Dr. Rui Pinho
eXtended Finite Element Method(XFEM)- Modeling arbitrary discontinuities and Failure analysis
Student: Awais Ahmed
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. Ferdinando Auricchio
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