Downloads: Masters Dissertations & Individual Studies (2008)

Some issues in seismic analysis and design of wharves
Student: Raffaele Pasquali
Supervisors: Dr. Carlo G. Lai & Dr. Mirko Corigliano
Design verification of a displacement-based designed three dimensional wall-steel frame building
Student: Clara Caponi
Supervisors: Dr R Pinho
Concrete frames designed with the colombian seismic code (NSR-98) from a displacement perspective
Student: Juan Carlos Restrepo
Supervisors: Prof. Nigel Priestley
Direct displacement based design on bridges with foundation flexibility
Student: Ricardo Alejandro Zapata Montoya
Supervisors: Dr. Lorenza Petrini
Mitigation of higher mode effects in self-centring walls by using multiple rocking sections
Student: Lydell Wiebe
Supervisors: Prof. Constantin Christopoulos
Seismic risk assessment of adobe dwellings
Student: Sabino Nicola Tarque Ruiz
Supervisors: Dr. Helen Crowley, Dr. Humberto Varum, Dr. Rui Pinho
Earthquake-induced transient ground strains and rotations from dense seismic arrays
Student: Chiara Smerzini
Supervisors: Prof. Roberto Paolucci
Stochastic 1d site response analysis at the archaeological site of kancheepuram
Student: Heidy Sanchez Lizarraga
Supervisors: Dr Carlo Giovanni Lai
Evaluation of equivalent pulses to predict the inelastic response of generic frames subjected to nea
Student: Rajesh Rupakhety
Supervisors: Prof Apostolos S. Papageorgiou
Variability of one-dimensional soil amplification estimates at four sites of the french permanent..
Evaluation of pushover procedures for the seismic design of buildings
Student: Dario Pietra
Supervisors: Dr Rui Pinho
Seismic design considerations for tall buildings
Student: Hiep Pham Tuan
Supervisors: Dr Timothy J. Sullivan, Prof Gian Michele Calvi
Blind prediction of a full-scale 3d steel frame tested under dynamic conditions
Student: Anna Pavan
Supervisors: Dr Rui Pinho
The unloading stiffness of reinforced concrete members
Student: Viviana Iris Novelli
Supervisors: Dr. T.J. Sullivan, Dr. R. Pinho, Prof. Calvi G. M.
Seismic design of multistorey post-tensioned timber buildings
Student: Michael Newcombe
Supervisors: Dr Stefano Pampanin, Prof. Andrew Buchanan, Dr Alessandro Palermo
A critical review of the r.c. frame existing building assessment procedure according to eurocode 8 a
Student: Vassilis Mpampatsikos
Supervisors: Dr Lorenza Petrini, Dr Roberto Nascimbene
Isolation system for precast concrete buildings (numerical modeling and structural response)
Student: Luca Marinini
Supervisors: Prof Roberto Nascimbene, Prof Paolo Riva
On seismic design and advanced numerical modelling of diaphragm walls under earthquake loading
Student: Giovanni Li Destri Nicosia
Supervisors: Prof Carlo Lai
Evaluation of Non-Linear Site Effects using Kik-Net Japanese database
Student: Surendra Kumar Singupalli
Supervisors: Prof. Pierre-Yves Bard, Prof. Fabrice Cotton, and Dr. Luis Fabian Bonilla
Response analysis of a seismic isolated railway bridge under service and earthquake loading
Student: Seokho Jeong
Supervisors: Dr Nicos Makris
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