Downloads: Masters Dissertations & Individual Studies (2007)

Parametric study on the influence of infills on the displacement capacity of rc frames for...
Student: Bin Zhang
Supervisors: Dr Rui Pinho
Design of storey-isolation system in multi-storey building
Student: Luca Zanaica
Supervisors: Prof Michael N. Fardis
Inelastic modeling of reinforcing bars and blind analysis of the benchmark tests on beamcolumn joint
Student: Wei Yu
Supervisors: Dr. Rui Pinho
The Impact of Strength on the Seismic Performance of Frames
Student: Jia Wang
Supervisors: Prof. Robert E. Englekirk
Comparison of real vs artificial accelerogram on local ground response analyses
Student: Mohammad Towhidur Rahman Bhuiyan
Supervisors: Dr Carlo G. Lai, Dr Mirko Corigliano, Dr Claudio Strobbia
Feasibility evaluation of an early warning system in the Lombardy region (northern Italy)
Student: Paola Traversa
Supervisors: Prof. Carlo Lai, Dr. Claudio Luciano Strobbia
Liquefaction Analysis in Grenoble Basin by In Situ and Laboratory Tests
Student: Alperen Seyfi
Supervisors: Prof. Pierre Foray
Seismic evaluation of masonry building conglomerations of adjacent structures
Student: Adam Rush
Supervisors: Dr. Guido Magenes, Dr. Andrea Penna
Study into effects of inelastic behaviour over the upper regions of structural walls in a medium-rise R/C Building
Artificial neural networks applied to the seismic design of deep tunnels
Student: Teraphan Ornthammarath
Supervisors: Dr. Carlo G. Lai, Dr. Mirko Corigliano
Design verification of a force-and displacement-based designed torsionally-unbalanced wall building
Student: Sara Martini
Supervisors: Dr Rui Pinho
Analysis of the Iranian Permanent GPS Network in the NE and E of Iran (time series and velocity fiel
Student: MAmaneh Jadidi Mardkheh
Supervisors: Prof Andrea Walpersdorf, Mathilde Vergnolle
Verification of the equations for equivalent viscous damping for single degree of freedom systems
Student: Tuan Le Duc
Supervisors: Dr Rui Pinho
Basic transfer and time-response functions of the three parameter fluid and solid viscoelastic model
Student: Kampas Georgios
Supervisors: Prof Nicos Makris
Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis - An introduction to theoretical basis and applied methodology
Student: Jessica Godinho
Supervisors: Dr Apostolos Papageorgiou
Development of a displacement based design method for steel frame-RC wall buildings
Student: MReyes Garcia Lopez
Supervisors: PrDr Timothy J. Sullivan, Gaetano Della Corte
Distribution of earthquake-induced floor horizontal accelerations and generation of floor response s
Student: Angelos Floros
Supervisors: Prof Guido Magedes
Effect of isolation on bridge seismic design and response
Student: Olympia Dimitriadou
Supervisors: Michael Fardis
The effective use of computers in engineering design
Student: David De koning
Supervisors: Dr Rui Pinho
Panel zone behaviour in steel moment resisting frames
Student: Harsha Mehta
Supervisors: Dr. Rui Pinho
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