Downloads: Masters Dissertations & Individual Studies (2004)

Displacement-based design of continuous concrete bridges under transverse seismic excitation
Student: Juan Camilo Alvarez Botero
Supervisor: Prof. M.J.N. Priestley
Effects of column base behaviour on the overall response of steel moment frames
Student: Masahiro Kurata
Supervisor: Prof. Masayoshi Nakashima
Seismic analysis of the structure of an underground railway station, including SSI
Student: Federico Fele
Supervisor: Prof. E. Faccioli
Bridge isolation and dissipation devices: state of the art review of seismic response...
Student: Chiara Casarotti
Supervisors: Dr R. Pinho, Prof. Gian Michele Calvi
A Review of Existing Pushover Methods for 2D Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Student: Manuel Lopez
Supervisor: Dr R. Pinho
Bidirectional modelling of high-damping rubber bearings
Student: Damian Grant
Supervisor: Prof. G. Fenves
Seismic vulnerability of masonry arch bridge walls
Student: Maria Rota
Supervisors: Prof. A. Pecker , Dr. R. Pinho
An Isogeometric Analysis Approach for the Study of Structural Vibrations
Student: Alessandro Reali
Supervisor: Prof. T.J.R. Hughes, Prof. F. Auricchio
Rocking isolation of bridge piers resting on spread foundations
Student: Panagiotis Mergos
Supervisor: Prof. K. Kawashima
Record selection for nonlinear seismic analysis of structures
Student: Iunio Iervolino
Supervisor: Prof. A. Cornell
Equivalent viscous damping equations for direct displacement-based design
Student: Carlos Blandon
Supervisor: Prof. M.J.N. Priestley
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