Downloads: Masters Dissertations & Individual Studies (2003)

A simplified mechanics-based procedure for the seismic risk assessment of unreinforced masonry build
Student: Luis Fernando Restrepo Velez
Supervisor: Dr. G. Magenes
FRP seismic retrofit of square hollow seismic bridge piers
Student: S. Peloso
Supervisor: Dr. A. Pavese
Comparative parametric study on normal and buckling restrained steel braces
Student: Edison Ochoa Escudero
Supervisor: Prof. M. Nakashima
Seismic Hazard Assessment of the Historical Site of Jam and Stability Analysis of the Minaret
Student: Arun Menon
Supervisors: Prof. G. Macchi, Dr. C. Lai
Limitations and performances of different approaches for seismic assessment of existing buildings
Student: Giorgio Lupoi
Supervisors: Prof. P.E. Pinto, Prof. G.M. Calvi
3D Pushover of irregular reinforced concrete buildings
Student: Manuel Lopez
Supervisor: Dr. R. Pinho
Shape-memory alloy devices in earthquake engineering: mechanical properties, constitutive...
Student: Davide Fugazza
Supervisors: Prof. F. Auricchio, Dr. A. Pavese, Dr. L. Petrini
Periods of Vibration for Displacement-based Assessment of RC Buildings
Student: Helen Crowley
Supervisor: Dr. R. Pinho
Seismological criteria for selecting and scaling real accelerograms for use in engineering analysis
Student: Ana Beatriz Acevedo
Supervisor: Dr. J.J. Bommer
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