Downloads: Masters Dissertations & Individual Studies (2002)

Dynamic Amplification of Bending Moments and Shear Forces in Cantilever Walls
Student: Alejandro Amaris
Supervisor: Prof. M.J.N. Priestley
Displacement-based seismic analysis for out-of-plane bending of unreinforced masonry walls
Student: Giammichele Melis
Supervisors: Dr. G. Magenes, Dr. M.C. Griffith
A simplified deformation-based method for seismic vulnerability assessment
Student: Simon Glaister
Supervisor: Dr. R. Pinho
Does liquefaction protect overlying structures from ground shaking?
Student: Francisco Lopez
Supervisor: Dr. J.B. Berrill
Fragility analysis of reinforced concrete structures using a response surface approach
Student: M.IJ. Schotanus
Supervisor: Prof. P.E. Pinto
The current limitations of displacement-based design
Student: Tim Sullivan
Supervisors: Prof. G.M. Calvi, Dr. M.J. Kowalsky
Cyclic soil plasticity
Student: Damian Grant
Supervisors: Prof. F. Auricchio, Dr. J. Berrill
Explorative study of scatter in strong-motion attenuation relationships for application to seismic..
Student: Luis Fernando Restrepo Velez
Supervisor: Dr. J.J. Bommer
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