Fiber Reinforced Polymers in Design and Retrofit

IUSS Pavia
EE - Earthquake Engineering
Fall 2003
Date (from - to):
13/10/2003 – 14/11/2003

Advanced composites known as polymer matrix composites (PMCs) or fibre reinforced polymers (FRPs) have been shown to be structurally very efficient in the seismic design and retrofit of constructed facilities, strength, lightweight and ease of application result in cost effective strengthening measures despite high material costs compared to conventional retrofit systems.

The course will provide an introduction to FRP materials, their mechanical characteristics and the relevant manufacturing processes. The performance of these FRPs will be demonstrated on numerous large or full-scale laboratory experiments where FRPs were successfully used to strengthen existing structural components and sub-assemblages and to develop new lightweight construction systems. Design guidelines for the application of these materials in seismic structural design will be developed. Finally, applications and installations of both retrofit and new construction will be demonstrated in the form of case studies. Where possible, actual laboratory tests will be conducted in parallel to the lectures where students are exposed to the design, handling, testing, and performance assessment of FRPs in strengthening of existing structural components