Seismic design of steel and composite structures

IUSS Pavia
EE - Earthquake Engineering
Spring 2007
Date (from - to):
19/03/2007 – 13/04/2007
This course will focus on the design of steel and composite/hybrid structural systems subjected to large load reversals. The course will start with a review of metal behavior under cyclic loading into the inelastic range, with emphasis on brittle and ductile fracture, damage accumulation and local instability phenomena. It will then assess seismic capacity and demand on different structural members and systems, including moment and braced frames, steel and composite shear walls, and innovative configurations. Finally, it will review how American, Japanese and European provisions for the design of steel and composite structures address these demands, and how these concepts can be extended to performance-based design.

Suggested readings:

Mazzolani, F. M., and Piluso, V., Theory and design of seismic resistant steel frames Spon, 1996. Bruneau, M., Uang, C.-M., and Whittaker, A., Ductile design of steel structures, McGraw-Hill, 1998. Viest, I., Griffis, L., Leon, R.T., Furlong, R., and Wyllie, L., Composite construction design for buildings, ASCE/McGraw-Hill, 1997.