Earthquake resistant design of foundations

IUSS Pavia
ES - Engineering Seismology
Spring 2010
Date (from - to):
28/06/2010 – 23/07/2010
This course is intended to appeal to students studying structural engineering or geotechnical engineering. The aim is to introduce simple methods for approximate sizing of foundations as a point of reference when evaluating the output from sophisticated computer modelling. Topics covered will include: • Soil properties and behaviour. • Ultimate limit state design of foundations: total factor of safety, load and resistance factored design, partial factor of safety design. • Observed performance of foundations during earthquakes. • Bearing strength of shallow foundations under earthquake. • Static and dynamic stiffness of shallow foundations. • Capacity of pile foundations. • Static and dynamic stiffness of pile foundations. • Static and dynamic stiffness of pile group foundations. • Earthquake response of retaining structures. • Structure-foundation systems. There will be two assignments which will contribute 40% to the final grade for the course. A self-contained course book will be available before the start of the course. This will be supplemented by a small number of recent papers on the subject. One question in the final exam will be based on the reading of these papers.