Conference Participation List - Maria Bostenaru Dan (june 2005 – june 2007)







[1]     3.-10. July 2005               XXIInd World Architecture (UIA) Congress “cities: grand bazaar of architectureS”, Istanbul, Turkey

         poster: “Economic Efficiency and Applicability of Measures for Seismic Retrofit in Bucharest, the Capital of Romania” (publication NR8)

         poster: “From the Participative Models in the 70s to Newer Communication Forms in Architecture and Urbanism” (publication NR9)

[2] 5.-11. September 2005        IASS Symposium, Bucharest, Romania

         invited oral presentation: “(Un)Sincerity in the Exterior Expression: Spatial Structures in the Avantgarde Architecture” (publication C14)

         oral presentation: “Reassessment of Lessons Learned from Shells for Spatial Multi-Storey Structures” (publication C15)

[3] 21.-24 September 2005        Academia Europaea Annual Conference, Potsdam, Germany

         passive participation (travel grant)

[4] 28.-30. September 2005       European Marie Curie Conference 2005 'Making Europe more attractive for researchers', 28-30 September, Tuscany, Italy,

         oral presentation: “Preservation of historic reinforced concrete housing buildings in Europe

         rapporteur to the session “Interdisciplinarity of research” (publication C5)

[5] 1.-4. November 2005           International Conference “250th Anniversary of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake”, Lisbon, Portugal.

         poster presentation: “A new understanding of catastrophe prevention?” (publication C11)

[6] 23.-25. March 2006   Quality Assessment in Institutions of Higher Education in Europe, Pavia, Italy

         passive participation

[7] 2.-7. April 2006                    3rd European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria

         oral presentation: “Historical structure materials in earthquakes” (publication NR4)

         poster: “A case study of the role of earthquake displacement spectra in assessing physical vulnerability of buildings” (publication NR5)

         poster: “ca'redivivus: early RC housing and urban seismic risk” (publication NR6)

         organisation of session (convener): “Natural Hazards’ Impact on Urban Areas and Infrastructure” – special issue in “Natural Hazards” (Springer) in work, contact person Dr. Vladimir Schenk, Czech Academy of Sciences

         organisation of session (convener): “Challenges to historical materials in urban/anthropic environment” – special issue in “Journal of Architectural Heritage” (Taylor and Francis), editors Paulo B. Lourenço and Pere Roca in work; contact person Prof. Pere Roca, Barcelona, ICOMOS member. Since the number of accepted contributions was not sufficient to make a special issue, the work towards will be credited in the editorial of the issues in which the papers will be published. However, there is a book initiative on “Materials in Historic Structures” (Springer) for which the contract has been signed and the deadline for receiving papers is 15th of June 2007. Co-Editors are Richard Přikryl, Prague and Ákos Török, Budapest.

[8] 10.-12. April 2006     MC2: Putting the Knowledge Based Society in to Practice, Manchester, UK

         oral presentation: “The spread of central European modernism to earthquake prone areas of the continent and challenges for the preservation of reinforced concrete heritage buildings“ (publication NR7)

[9] 18.-22. April 2006     8th National US Conference on Earthquake Engineering, San Francisco, US

         oral presentation: “‘CA’REDIVIVUS’: A Project on the Preservation of European Historic Reinforced Concrete Housing Buildings – The Concept” (publication C10)

[10] 5.-8. June 2006                  The second fib Congress, Naples, Italy

         oral presentation: “Regression Based Criteria Determining for Preservation Strategies of Early RC Buildings” (publication C9)

[11] 3-8. September 2006         European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology, Geneve, Switzerland

         oral presentation: “Earthquake Displacement Spectra in Assessing the Physical Vulnerability of Buildings – A Case Study” (publication C7)

         poster presentation: “Challenges to Historic Reinforced Concrete Housing Architecture in Earthquake Prone Areas of Europe” (publication C6)

[12] 13-15. September 2006      International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering Symposium, Budapest, Hungary

         poster presentation: “Collaborative issues in retrofitting historical RC buildings” (publication C8)

[13] 1-3. March 2007                 Thirty Years from the Romania Earthquake of March 4, 1977, Bucharest, Romania.

         oral presentation: “Retrofit Systems and Retrofit Strategies Investigated on The Model of Typical Mid-Rise Interwar Buildings in Bucharest, Romania” (publication C5)

[14]    15-20. April 2007             European Geosciences Union 4th General Assembly, Vienna, Austria

         oral presentation: “Impact of seismic retrofit on interwar RC housing” (publication NR2)

         poster presentation: “Extension of a Rapid Visual Screening to a survey system including quantitative information for vulnerability studies” (publication NR1)

         poster presentation: “Meet the author: Economic efficiency and applicability of building strengthening measures for seismic retrofit (case of Bucharest, Romania)” (publication NR3)

         organisation of session (convener): “Natural Hazards’ Impact on Urban Areas and Infrastructure”, special issue in planning

[15]    26-27. April 2007             International Symposium of Seismic Risk Reduction, The JICA Technical Cooperation Project in Romania, Bucharest, Romania

         poster presentation: “Vulnerable Housing Typologies in Bucharest, Romania” (publication C4)



[1] 26.-27. August 2005             4th European Workshop for Irregular and Complex Structures, Thessalonica, Greece

         oral presentation: “Typological Analysis of Early Reinforced Concrete Housing Buildings in Romania” (publication C16)



Other Scientific Meetings

[1] 27.-28. January 2006            Tagung “Das architektonische Erbe – zum aktuellen Umgang mit dem Erbe der Moderne“ and DOCOMOMO Germany meeting

         passive participation

[2] 7 February 2006                  Seminar (Lecture by Prof. Paulo B. Lourenço): “Current Research Issues in Masonry Mechanics and Applications to Historical Buildings”, Pavia, Italy

         passive participation

[3] 23-25 March 2006                Quality Assessment in Institutions of Higher Education in Europe, Pavia, Italy

         passive participation

[4] 29. May-30. June 2006         The 6th International ROSE School Seminar, Pavia, Italy

         passive participation

[5] 16 October 2006                  Seminar (Lecture by J. Restrepo): “Shake TableTesting of a Full Scale Reinforced Concrete Wall Building Slice”, Pavia, Italy

         passive participation

[6] 21-22 October 2006             Annual General Meeting of the Marie Curie Fellowship Association, Venice, Italy

         passive participation

[7] 4-5 November 2006             Meeting of the Alumni of the Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Karlsruhe, Germany

         passive participation

[8] 15 December 2006              Seminar (Lecture by Prof. E. Miranda): “Development and use of ground motion intensity measures for rapid loss estimation in urban areas”, Pavia, Italy

         passive participation

[9] 26-28. January 2007             Tagung “Das architektonische Erbe – zum aktuellen Umgang mit dem Erbe der Moderne”&DOCOMOMO Germany meeting, Karlsruhe, Germany

         passive participation

[10] 24-25 May 2007                 The 7th International ROSE School Seminar, Pavia, Italy

         oral presentation: “Assessment of the impact of seismic retrofit on 1920-1940 blocks of flats with reinforced concrete structure”

[11] 8 June 2007                                  Seminar (Lecture by Dr. Qaisar Ali): “A case study of reconstruction in Pakistan after the Oct 08 2005, Kashmir earthquake”, Pavia, Italy

         passive participation