CA’REDIVIVUS: added value


From the support policy objectives concerning improving human potential as a consequence of research mobility following specific aspects can be highlighted:

- chance to participate in multicultural multidisciplinary research teams. The project addresses the need for multidisciplinary research. Therefore the cooperation between the researcher and the host can be only fruitful through complementarity, as the backgrounds are related in some points but slightly different in others, while the problem researched the same. Former collaborations of this kind proved very fruitful indeed, like multidisciplinary sociology/architecture research or construction-technology/architectural/economic, geophysical/urbanistic and finally structural/construction-technology/architecture research. The results from those previous researches will flow into the project in a transdisciplinary manner.

- chance to acquire new cutting edge skills, provided for, like the previous one, through the excellence of the host in this terms.

- putting career development centre stage is acquired through the possibility to pursue a scientific career afterwards, since the specific national framework programmes envisaged for the further research career the experience of a two year long post-doc stay abroad is compulsory.

- women in science. Different from social sciences, medical sciences and humanities, and even strongly different from natural sciences there is a huge discrepancy in the representation of women in the “engineering&technology” field of science (men were represented 1999 after the EC statistics almost 3 times more). In the meantime “Mathematics, sciences and technology“ is listed as priority objective within this topic. This project addresses the issue of “research by women” only.


The project contributes to the objectives set in the “Science and Society” theme within the European Research Area. To this contribution belong the following aspects:

- promoting scientific education and culture in Europe. Public and comprehensive presentation of information gained are explicitly one of the main objectives of the project. The Internet and multimedia tools (specifically Macromedia Director ®) are explicitly envisaged, as the applicant has long time experience in working with both of them. The applicant has also basic knowledge of science journalism. Travelling is definitely foreseen both as field trips and as participation/co-organisation of scientific events, and from her professional background the applicant is familiar with stand presentations in exhibitions. The applicant has also knowledge of six different European languages, four of them at fully competitive level.

- risk perception. While not directly investigating risk perception as such, the project addressing more specifically the way how to enhance the acceptance for measures towards reduction of (seismic) risk. An outlook for possibilities of dialogue with citizens are foreseen, namely in the research on participative aspects in decision making. The instruments differ from the examples given by the Community in its action plan (actions 19-21), simply because building construction requires a special kind of dialogue with the citizens compared to other sciences: the citizens have been anyway always implied in the decision process through their ownership type in case of housing and are now more and more through the democratisation of housing planning. The basis for this communication will not be the results of theoretical research only, but also continued documentation of examples of best practice, on another level and from a slightly different perspective as that practiced in the Housing Encyclopaedia, but on a similar topic. Probabilistic assessment of (un)certainties is not foreseen. We are also looking forward for the availability of the “Scientific INformAtion for Policy Support in Europe” in its pilot form on the Commission website.

From the EU priority areas the project contributes to “sustainable development”, because providing safe urban housing is a task undertaken in thinking of future generations.