Objective 1: reduce earthquake risk by advancing the science of earthquake engineering, by improving understanding of the impact of earthquakes on the cultural, physical, social and economic environment, by developing comprehensive and realistic measures for preventing loss as a consequence of earthquakes


Public presentation and reaction to feedback of findings and conclusions about the architectural, structural, geophysical, social and economic aspects of retrofitting historic concrete buildings.


Active participation and co-organisation of conferences, publication in reviewed manner as in the annexed list.


As listed in the attached list, the fellow participated at 15 conferences, one workshop and 11 other scientific meetings.


Numerous public dissemination ways, for example:

- oral and poster presentations at conferences;

- articles/abstracts in magazines in local country language;

- reports on scientific events organisation activities in professional newsletters;

- active networking, i.e. in associations the fellow is member of, she has had relevant activity.

There are 4 journal publications, 6 abstracts in journals, two authored books, 16 contributions in conference proceedings, one other abstract and two published posters. Further there are four submissions in course, out of which three to international journals. In preparation is a chapter for a book.


The scientist-in-charge co-authored some of the papers written by the fellow. The results to be presented and the presentation manner itself were intensively discussed.


The results are relevant for applied science as the peer-reviewed manner in which they were published proves. Some of the publication received coverage in local media, as the ones contributed to the International Association for Shells and Spatial Structures Symposium or in newsletters of professional associations, as it was the case for the edited special issue.